How to Change Laptop Background Very Easily- Best Tips

How to Change Laptop Background Very Easily

To change the laptop background, right-click the desktop and select “Personalize”. Choose “Background”, then pick the image or colour you prefer.

Changing your laptop background is a simple way to personalize and refresh your workspace. Whether you’re using a Windows or a Mac laptop, the process is user-friendly and can be completed in just a few clicks. Selecting the perfect wallpaper can significantly influence your mood and productivity, making your environment more pleasant.

Personalizing your desktop has never been easier with countless images and themes available online. Our guide provides the best tips to swiftly customize your laptop’s Background, ensuring you can enjoy a new look for your device with minimal effort. Follow these straightforward steps to transform your screen and make the most out of your laptop’s visual settings.

Introduction To Personalizing Your Laptop Space

Your laptop isn’t just a device for work or play; it’s a canvas for self-expression. Transforming your laptop background can inspire creativity and motivation. It’s your personal space, so why not make it feel like home? Take this journey to customize your laptop’s Background with our best tips easily.

Reasons For Changing Your Laptop Background

Why bother changing your laptop background? The reasons are simple:

  • Reflects Your Personality: Your desktop is a reflection of you.
  • Mood Booster: A fresh background can lift your spirits.
  • Keeps Things Fresh: Switching it up keeps your workspace interesting.
  • Indicates Organization: A clean background can signal an organized mind.

Benefits Of Customizing Your Workspace

Personalizing your digital workspace has several proven benefits:

Benefit Description
Enhanced Focus A tailored background can minimize distractions.
Boosted Productivity Pictures that motivate can lead to better work output.
Increased Morale Personal touches in a workspace can make you happier.
Encourages Creativity Inspiring imagery can trigger creative ideas.

Preparation Before You Start

Are you embarking on a laptop makeover? A fresh background can breathe new life into your device. Before diving in, ensure a seamless update with these preparatory steps. Get ready for a visual treat that’s just a few clicks away!

Supported Image Formats

Your laptop can display many image types. Make sure you use a format that works well. JPG, PNG, and BMP are common choices. They provide great quality and are easy to set up.

Choosing The Right Resolution

Check your laptop screen size first. Your Background should fit this size. A perfect match means no blur or stretched images, and you get a sharp, clear picture.

Laptop Size Resolution
13 inches 2560 x 1600
15 inches 2880 x 1800

Finding High-quality Background Images

Quality is critical for the best visuals. Look for images with high pixel numbers. Clear and crisp art makes your screen pop. Try these sites:

  • Unsplash – free, high-resolution photos
  • Pexels – diverse & accessible stock images
  • Pixabay – free, vibrant background choices

Choose wisely. Your Background speaks about your style.

Step-by-step Guide To Changing Your Laptop Background

Revitalize Your Laptop’s Look with a Fresh Background

Refreshing your laptop’s appearance can be as simple as changing the Background. A new wallpaper can bring a touch of personalization and energy to your everyday device. Whether you use Windows, macOS, or Linux, this step-by-step guide will quickly walk you through the process.

For Windows Users

Windows makes it super easy to switch up your Background. Just follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.
  2. In the settings window, click on Background.
  3. Choose Picture, Slideshow, or Solid colour under the background dropdown menu.
  4. Select your desired image or colour and click Save Changes.

For macOS Users

For Apple enthusiasts, tweaking your MacBook’s backdrop is just a few clicks away:

  1. Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Hit Desktop & Screen Saver.
  3. Choose a folder or click the + to add a new one.
  4. Pick an image, and it will instantly be set as your Background.

For Linux Users

Linux users can customize their desktop background, too. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to System Settings or Preferences, depending on your distribution.
  2. Go to the Background or Appearance section.
  3. Locate the Wallpaper or Background tab.
  4. Choose an image and apply it to your desktop.
How to Change Laptop Background Very Easily-Best Tips

Tips For The Perfect Background

Setting the right Background on your laptop can make all the difference. It’s not just about picking a pretty picture. A well-chosen background can boost productivity and bring joy whenever you open your laptop. Let’s explore the best tips to achieve this perfect harmony on your screen.

Balancing Aesthetics And Functionality

Your background image should not only look good. It must also allow you to see your icons and folders. Choose a background that has a balanced mix:

  • Visually appealing: Captivating but not distracting.
  • Not too busy: Simple patterns or images work best.
  • Proper contrast: Ensure icons are visible against the image.

Considering Color Schemes

The colours on your screen can affect mood and concentration. Picking a suitable colour scheme is crucial:

Color Mood Suggested Usage
Blue Calming promotes productivity.
Green Relaxing, easy on the eyes for long hours.
Yellow Energizing sparks creativity.

Organizing Icons Against The Background

A neat desktop can do wonders for your mindset. Organize your desktop icons for a clutter-free look:

  1. Avoid the centre: Place icons around the edges or in corners.
  2. Similar groups: Align related icons for quick access.
  3. Regular clean-up: Delete shortcuts you no longer use.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering issues while trying to personalize your laptop background can be frustrating. This part of the post delves into everyday problems that users face and offers easy solutions to get your preferred wallpaper up and running quickly.

Dealing With Non-changeable Backgrounds

Sometimes, a background may seem locked or frozen on your screen. This can occur for various reasons, such as activated corporate policies or software restrictions. Try these steps:

  • Check your user account permissions.
  • Look for any third-party control software that might be restricting changes.
  • If you’re part of a network, reach out to IT support.

Resolving Display Settings Problems

Display settings can override your background preferences. Ensure your settings are configured correctly with these tips:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select Display settings.
  2. Under Personalize, click Background.
  3. Choose your desired image or colour.

Fixing Background Quality Issues

A great image can look blurry or pixelated when set as a background. To fix this:

Issue Solution
Low resolution Choose an image with a higher resolution that matches your screen.
Wrong aspect ratio Use an image with the same aspect ratio as your display.
Image scaling Set the Background to fit, fill or stretch as needed.
How to Change Laptop Background Very Easily-Best Tips

Enhancing Your Experience

Let’s enhance your laptop background to make your experience joyful and personal. A new background can spice up your daily work. It reflects your personality and interests. Fresh wallpapers can boost your mood. Ready for a backdrop that’s as dynamic as you are?

Interactive And Live Wallpapers

Imagine a backdrop that moves with magic! Interactive and live wallpapers bring your screen to life. They make your laptop look like a living, breathing space. Here’s how to set one up:

  • Search for live wallpapers online. Look for HD quality.
  • Download the one you love.
  • Right-click on your desktop and select “Personalize.”
  • Choose “Background” and then “Browse” for your new wallpaper.
  • Click “Save changes” and watch your screen come alive!

Remember: Animated wallpapers might use more power. Keep this in mind if you’re on a battery.

Scheduled Background Changes

Get a new look every day without lifting a finger! Schedule your wallpaper to change:

  1. Go to your desktop personalization settings.
  2. Select “Slideshow” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Choose the folder with your favourite images.
  4. Set the time interval for each change.
  5. Enjoy a surprise every time you look at your screen.

Note: Use high-resolution pictures for the best display.

Using Multiple Monitors

Two screens mean double the fun! Customize each display:

  • Connect and configure your additional monitor.
  • Right-click on your desktop and select “Display Settings.”
  • Scroll to “Multiple Displays” and choose “Extend these displays.”
  • Click on “Background” and pick a unique wallpaper for each screen.
  • Apply settings and enjoy your expanded work area.

Dual screens help multitask. Make them inspiring with individual wallpapers.

How to Change Laptop Background Very Easily-Best Tips

How to Change Laptop Background

To change the Background (also known as wallpaper) on your laptop, follow these steps:


  1. Right-click on the Desktop: Find a space on your desktop screen, and right-click on it to reveal a context menu.
  2. Select “Personalize”: In the context menu, select “Personalize.” This will open the Personalization settings window.
  3. Choose “Background”: In the Personalization window, click on “Background” from the left-hand side menu. This will allow you to change your desktop background.
  4. Select a Background Image: Browse through the available options or click “Browse” to choose an image from your computer. You can also select a solid colour or a slideshow of photos.
  5. Adjust Settings (Optional): You can adjust settings such as picture position (e.g., fill, fit, stretch, tile) and colour settings.
  6. Apply Changes: Once you’ve selected your desired background image and made any adjustments, click “Choose a fit” and then “Save changes” to apply the new Background.


  1. Open System Preferences: Click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen and select “System Preferences” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select “Desktop & Screen Saver”: In the System Preferences window, find and click on “Desktop & Screen Saver.” This will open the settings to change your desktop background.
  3. Choose a Desktop Picture: In the Desktop & Screen Saver window, select the “Desktop” tab if it’s not already selected. You can choose from Apple’s default wallpapers or click the “+” button to add pictures.
  4. Select an Image: Browse the available images and select the one you want to use as your desktop background.
  5. Adjust Settings (Optional): If desired, you can adjust settings such as picture position and screen saver settings.
  6. Close System Preferences: Once you’ve chosen your background image and made any adjustments, close the System Preferences window. Your new Background will be applied automatically.

Regardless of the operating system, changing your laptop background is a simple process that allows you to personalize your device and make it more visually appealing.

Another shortcut way:

To change your laptop background using a shortcut, you typically rely on the operating system’s built-in functionality rather than a keyboard shortcut. However, I can guide you through the process of changing your laptop background efficiently:


  1. Desktop Background Shortcut: While there isn’t a keyboard shortcut specifically for changing the desktop background, you can quickly access the settings by right-clicking on an empty area of your desktop and selecting “Personalize.”
  2. Using Windows Key + I: You can use the Windows key + I shortcut to open the Settings menu. From there, navigate to “Personalization” and “Background” to change your desktop wallpaper.


  1. System Preferences Shortcut: Press Command + Space to open Spotlight Search, then type “System Preferences” and hit Enter. Alternatively, you can click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your screen and select “System Preferences.” Choose “Desktop & Screen Saver” from there to change your wallpaper.
  2. Using Finder: Another quick way to change your Background is to open Finder and navigate to the folder where your desired wallpaper is stored. Right-click on the image file and select “Set Desktop Picture.”

Shortcut Utility Tools: If you frequently change your desktop background and want a quicker method, consider using third-party utility tools. These tools allow you to set up custom keyboard shortcuts for various tasks, including changing the desktop background.

Remember, these steps may vary slightly depending on your operating system version. Always refer to the documentation provided with your laptop or operating system for the most accurate instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Change Laptop Background Very Easily-best Tips

How Do I Make My Background Better On My Laptop?

To upgrade your laptop background, right-click the desktop, select “Personalize,” choose “Background,” and pick a new image or colour. Adjust settings like fit and position to suit your screen. Save changes to apply your new Background.

How Do I Set A Perfect Background Image On My Computer?

Right-click your desktop and select “Personalize. “Choose “Background” and click “Browse” to select your desired image. Adjust the “Choose a fit” option to set the image perfectly on your screen. Save your changes to apply the new Background.

How Do I Get Good Wallpapers For My Laptop?

Find high-quality laptop wallpapers by visiting reputable sites like Unsplash, WallpaperAccess, and Pexels. Select your desired resolution, download your favourite images, and set them as your desktop background for a personalized touch.

What is the shortcut to Changing the wallpaper on a laptop?

To change your laptop’s wallpaper quickly, right-click on the desktop and select “Personalize”. Then, choose “Background” to choose a new wallpaper.


Customizing your laptop background is a breeze with the proper guidance. Embrace your style and refresh your workspace by following the simple tips outlined in our post. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different themes and images that reflect your personality or mood.

Dive into the settings, and you’ll have a unique backdrop in just a few clicks. Enjoy a more vibrant and personalized computing experience starting today!

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